WARNING: If Your Ceiling Is Showing Shadowy Lines Or Slight Bulges Across What Should Be A Perfect Flat Surface, You May Have A Sagged Ceiling On The Verge Of Disaster...

We Can Easily Repair This Now & You Can Avoid A Costly Total Ceiling Replacement From A Complete Collapse!

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The first indication of a sagged or fallen ceiling will be the characteristic shadowy lines across what would ordinarily be a flat uniform surface, this is the tell tale warning signs that your ceilings have started coming away from the ceiling batons. The time to act is now, whilst this can still be fixed!

Above in your roof, the ceiling will slowly have been sagging away from the ceiling batons. Gradually as this gets worse, the shadowy lines will be the indication that the situation is severe. Small bulges at the cornicing will be a sure giveaway that your ceiling needs your immediate attention!

We use a simple yet effective proprietary system that is clean, quick and easy to do remedial repairs to your existing ceiling. Minimising cost firstly, but making it a quick, painless process so you can just simply get on with life with a safe ceiling above your head

When we are done refastening your ceiling to the ceiling batons, it will be made good and brought back to a beautiful state ready for painting, Canberra Sagged Ceilings will fully project manage every step of the way and all this will soon be a distant memory!

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Will Take Care Of Everything And Project Manage Every Aspect From Start To Finish Included Painting



When we first realised our ceilings were sagging, it was actually far more serious than we expected, Andrew dropped everything and made us a priority, thankfully as parts of the ceiling were coming away in corners of the lounge room. The process was so simple and clean, we highly recommend Canberra Sagged Ceilings

Mary O, Cook ACT


A routine insulation inspection is what got us notified that our ceilings were coming away... and we really weren't aware that disaster was around the corner and that the ceiling could collapse. It's those shadowy lines that were the giveaway and we didn't even know

Peter S, Hughes ACT


We used Andrew from Canberra Sagged Ceilings when we found out our ceiling was gradually loosening from the trusses. It was such a simple and effective process, the handled everything professionally and I highly recommend them

Dale R, Evatt ACT

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